1.Agreement for opening an account

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Agreement for opening a general deposit account:

Dear valued guest,
Thank you for using our online resevation and general deposit account appointment service.We would like to remind you that after a successful reservation,you can save time waiting at the branch by taking a queue mumber online during our bussiness houts on the reserved day.
However,for in-persion account opening,you will still need to obtain a queue number on-site based on the branch's availability.If there are many people wating on-site,we kindly ask for your patience and understanding.

Agreement for opening a general deposit account

※The Bank reserves the right to reject or deny any application or account opening in accordance with the Money Laundering Prevention Act and other relevant laws and regulations. We remind you that you still need to come to the counter with dual identity certificates after the scheduling is completed, and the counter personnel of the Bank will perform identity authentication and review the account opening documents. Please allow time to complete the account opening process. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  • 一、The depositor shall be deemed to have handled all affairs of the account (including the act of entrusting others to handle the affairs of the account) in person if the agreed seal of the account is affixed. However, for other matters deemed necessary by the Bank, such loss reporting and change of seal, the depositor may still be required to sign in person after presenting his or her identity certificate.
  • 二、In case of loss or theft of the deposit passbook, deposit slip, or the registered seal, or in case of forgetting the password or fraudulent use by others, the depositor should immediately apply to the Bank for loss reporting and payment suspension (at the counter of the business unit, voice mail, Internet banking and telephone) and the amount paid before the loss reporting of the passbook or deposit slip is processed by the Bank is still valid for the depositor to settle the payment. The Bank will not be liable for any fraudulent withdrawal or spending debit by another person before the application for loss reporting and payment suspension, which, instead, will be deemed as withdrawal or spending debit made by the depositor himself or herself. Unless otherwise agreed, the telephone number and address shown on the back of the seal card of the depositor shall be used as the basis for notification or delivery of all information. If the depositor’s address changes, he or she should notify the Bank in writing or by other agreed means and agrees the new address to be the delivery address after the change. If the depositor does not notify of the change of address in writing or by the agreed means, the address stated in the seal card or the address last notified to the Bank shall be deemed to be the delivered address. After the notice is sent, it is presumed to have been delivered after the usual postal period.
  • 三、The amount to be cashed in the notes deposited by the depositor can only be withdrawn after they have been credited to the account by the bank, and interest will be incurred on the date of credit. In the event of a bounce or other circumstances, the Bank may deduct the amount from the account. In the event of theft, loss or extinction of the note in transit, I agree to authorize the Bank or the paying bank to act on behalf of the depositor to suspend payment of the note and to motion for public summons or for a judgment of abridgment of rights, and also agree that if the account of the note issuer is sufficient to pay the face amount of the note, after obtaining the payment, its judgment of abridgment of rights shall be used by the paying bank as a certificate of the write-off.
  • 四、The starting point and method of interest calculation on NTD demand deposits
    • The depositor agrees to calculate interest on demand (savings) deposits on a daily basis based on the daily deposit balance at the Bank’s listed interest rate (divided by 365). The starting point for interest calculation on demand deposits is NT$10,000, and the starting point for interest accrual on savings deposits is NT$5,000. Interest is settled on June 20 and December 20 every year, and is rolled over to the principal on the business day following the settlement date.
    • The interest calculation period for each type of deposit is from the date of deposit to the day before the date of withdrawal.
    • The starting point and interest calculation method are subject to change without notice and will be announced on the website and at all branch business locations.
  • 五、The starting point of interest calculation on foreign currency deposits and the unit of interest calculation:
    • The deposit is limited to the currencies in which the Bank’s deposit interest rates are listed. Interest for foreign currency demand is calculated on a daily basis at the Bank’s listed interest rates, which are 365 days for GBP, SGD, HKD, ZAR and THB, and 360 days for the rest of the currencies.
    • The depositor agrees to multiply the final balance of the foreign exchange demand deposit (interest will not be calculated on amounts that do not reach the starting point or the unit of interest calculation, and the unit of interest calculation on JPY is whole thousands, and on other currencies is whole hundreds, and amounts below the whole unit of interest calculation will not be included) by the Bank’s listed interest rate divided by 360 or 365 days on a daily basis and, same for leap years. Interest is settled on June 20 and December 20 every year, and is rolled over to the principal on the business day following the settlement date.
    • The interest calculation period for each type of deposit is from the date of deposit to the day before the date of withdrawal.
    • Please refer to the following for the starting point and the unit of interest calculation by currency.
      CurrencyStarting point of interest calculationUnit of interest calculationCurrencyStarting point of interest calculationUnit of interest calculation
    • The starting point and unit of interest calculation and interest calculation method are subject to change without notice and will be announced on the website and at all branch business locations.
  • 六、If the account is closed within three months or if there are other transactions with the Bank that require cost recharges and handling fees as determined by the Bank, the depositor agrees to pay the relevant fees in accordance with the bank’s fees and charges standards or have them deducted from the deposit account by the Bank. When the above fees and charges standards are adjusted by the Bank, I agree that they will take effect after the Bank announces them on the website of its business locations.
  • 七、The depositor authorizes the Bank to deduct the account for all principal, interest, default penalty, handling fee, postage, acceptance fee, overdue interest, note bounce penalty and related settlement handling fee and other payables due to the Bank without prior notice.
  • 八、The account division time of the automated service system used the depositor: The account division is based on calendar day and may be adjusted by the Bank as necessary without further notice. The depositor agrees that after business hours (9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)), money transferred to the Bank may only be withdrawn or transferred using the automated service system. Money transfers to other financial institutions are subject to the rules and regulations of the financial institutions.
  • 九、Whether the transfer transaction of the depositor using the automated service system is an overtime transaction is determined by the time when the transaction data is received by the Bank’s system. The depositor using the automated service system to transfer money to their checking deposit accounts should complete the transfer process before the business hours (3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday) and confirm by inquiry. If there is a problem in the transfer process so the transfer is not completed and the check is bounced, the depositor shall be responsible for it unless it can be proved that there are causes attributable to the Bank.
  • 十、The amount of transfer using the automatic service system shall not exceed the available balance in the transfer out account of the depositor at the time of the transfer. If the transfer out account is a checking account or an omnibus deposit account, and the balance of the deposit is insufficient, I authorize the Bank to provide collateralized loans to me within the overdraft limit of the checking account or the amount of the time deposit (savings) under the omnibus deposit, and the transfer out amount in excess of the balance of the deposit will be a loan from the Bank without a separate IOU. The maximum transfer amount per transaction, the maximum daily accumulative transfer amount, and the interest calculation methods for overdraft or collateralized loan are all governed by the relevant regulations of the Bank.
  • 十一、If the automated service system of the Bank, international organization information system or financial information system cannot be operated due to power failure, disconnection, computer system failure or other reasons, the service may be temporarily suspended. If the depositor suffers delayed loss as a result, the depositor agrees unconditionally that the liability of the Bank for delayed loss is exempted, unless there are causes attributable to the Bank.
  • 十二、If the information obtained through the depositing, withdrawing, transferring or spending with the financial card by the depositor, or using voice mail service or Internet banking is incorrect due to the malfunction of the Bank’s B321-107-05 version computer system or inaccurate accounting entry, the depositor agrees that the corrected information shall prevail.
  • 十三、The depositor understands and agrees that the Bank has the right to entrust the various businesses related to this Agreement to appropriate third parties or cooperate with other institutions in accordance with the regulations or approvals of the competent authorities, and to provide the personal information of the depositor to third parties for collection, processing, utilization and international transmission, provided that such third parties shall maintain confidentiality in accordance with the law.
  • 十四、If the depositor/cardholder/principal has any of the following circumstances, the Bank may handle the situation as follows.
    • The Bank may refuse to do business with or close the account to terrorists or groups that are subject to economic sanctions or are identified or pursued by foreign governments or international money laundering prevention organizations.
    • If I do not cooperate with the Bank’s examination, refuse to provide information about the actual beneficiary or the person who exercises control over the depositor, or are unwilling to cooperate in explaining the nature and purpose of the transaction or the source of funds, the Bank may suspend the transaction, suspend or terminate the business relationship, or take other necessary measures.
    • If the Bank considers that there is any suspected misuse of the account, the Bank may terminate the use of the aforementioned services by the depositor if the depositor makes applications (including future applications) for financial cards, voice mail transfers, Internet transfers and other electronic payment transfers.
  • 十五、When the depositor deposits or withdraws money from the Bank or if the Bank is entrusted to pay (deduct) money, the depositor agrees that the Bank may make corrections if the accounting record is incorrect due to malfunction of the Bank’s computer system or inaccurate accounting entry.
  • 十六、If the deposits of the depositor with the Bank are subject to enforcement by the court or the Administrative Enforcement Agency of the Ministry of Justice, the depositor agrees that the Bank may deduct the related handling fees from the account in addition to the enforcement liabilities.
  • 十七、If the identity certificate or the registration certificate or the approval (filing) of establishment presented by the depositor does not match with the information provided by the competent authority of the certificate and the depositor does not correct the relevant information, it is agreed the Bank can suspend all deposit and withdrawal activities of the account.
  • 十八、When depositing or withdrawing NTD or foreign currency cash or traveler’s checks amounting to NT$500,000 or more, the depositor (or acting person) shall provide identity certificate for the Bank’s inspection and registration, and the aforementioned amount will be subject to adjustment in accordance with the regulations of the competent authorities. The deposit or withdrawal of foreign currency cash is limited to the currencies the Bank buys and sells and the depositor agrees to be charged with a handling fee based on the difference between the spot exchange rate and the exchange rate of foreign currency cash listed by the Bank.
  • 十九、The amount recorded in the passbook: If the amount in the passbook does not match the amount in the bank’s accounting record, the depositor agrees that the amount in the Bank’s accounting record shall prevail. However, if the depositor is in doubt about the contents of the transaction or the amount shown in the accounting record, the depositor should immediately check with the Bank, and if there is any mistake in the accounting record, the Bank should correct it immediately. Regarding the transaction details of the deposit passbook, if the number of transactions not registered in the passbook reaches 100, the depositor agrees that the Bank may aggregate the unregistered transactions into one entry in the passbook and provide the details of the unregistered transactions to the depositor upon application. The depositor agrees that the number of unregistered entries mentioned earlier may be adjusted by the Bank at any time according to its business needs.
  • 廿十、If the depositor claims settlement under the Bankruptcy Law, claims bankruptcy, claims corporate reorganization, becomes a dishonored account by the Clearing House, ceases business, liquidates debts, is subject to enforcement, provisional attachment, provisional injunction or other protective disposition, the deposits and loans under this deposit shall be deemed to be fully matured and the depositor shall forfeit all maturity benefits and shall be subject to the Bank’s exercise of pledge or claim of offset in accordance with the law.
  • 廿一、The depositor agrees to pay the relevant fees and charges in accordance with the “Service Fees and Charges Standards for Deposit and Remittance” (as attached) and the “TCB Service Fees and Charges Standards for Foreign Exchange” (as attached) set by the Bank. The depositor agrees that the Bank may modify this Agreement or adjust the related service contents of this deposit, or amend the fees and charges standards in accordance with the business needs, and announce it in a prominent place in the Bank’s business locations or on the website in lieu of notice. The depositor agrees to apply and be bound by the modified Agreement and the changed service contents or fees and charges standards. The Bank shall announce any such change or adjustment of fees and charges at least 60 days prior to the effective date, unless it is in favor of the depositor.
  • 廿二、This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of China. In the event of a lawsuit arising from this Agreement, the place of execution shall be the location of the Bank or the branch where the deposit is made, and the local court in that location shall be the court of jurisdiction. However, the applications of Article 47 of the Consumer Protection Act or Article 436-9 of the Taiwan Code of Civil Procedure to the competent court for small amount litigation shall not be excluded
  • 廿三、For matters not covered by this Agreement, the depositor agrees to comply with other regulations of the Bank, banking practices and relevant laws and regulations, and the Bank may supplement or amend the Agreement in writing by mutual agreement.
  • 廿四、This deposit is the subject of the deposit insurance act and is protected by deposit insurance. However, the principal of the trust and the gold passbook are not protected by deposit insurance.
  • 廿五、Complaint Hotline: Tel: 04-2227-3131, 0800-033175 EMAIL: e_bank@tcb-bank.com.tw
  • 廿六、There are two copies of this agreement, each of which is held by the Bank and the depositor.
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